Data Access Robot

DART is a robotic dataflow automation a.k.a. data virtualisation platform that enable data accessible in a single, seamless and trusted way.

DART also provide API for system integration, thus improve the pace of system integration from weeks to minutes.

Virtual Playground

Virtual playground is a data visualisation tools that allow user to create a new workspace, connect to data source and dashboard.

Virtual playground also allow user to write script to enable analytics on the fly. Scripting also can be used to add features that are still not yet available in Virtual Playground.

Bridge iCAP Automation

Bridge i-CAP automation is a crude oil production allocation for PSC parties.

The objective is to maximise PETRONAS cash generation through sharpening practices in crude oil planning and optimization.

P&CS Scorecard Entry System

Form management system that allow user to create their own form for quick data entry.

User can share the link to others for monthly data entry.

Data can be visualised in the Petta Dashboard.


Petronas upscale for static and dynamic model

Conversion of static and dynamic model upscaling code written in Fortran to modern language: C# and WPF.

Integration into Petrel to perform automated model upscaling.

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